Joost Patocka – Hi Lo-Lo Hi Exercise


Joost Patocka

This exercise of Joost Patocka has a fresh approach. With this exercise you can work on your sound, timing, groove, subdivisions and your improvisation. You can use his material and make variations all over the set and sub divisions. A real fresh exercise.

DOWNLOAD Hi Lo-Lo HiĀ – Full Score HERE


I play drums. My current and former employers and co-employers include the creative minds of Jasper Blom, Anton Goudsmit, Raphael Vanoli, Francien van Tuinen, Maarten Hogenhuis, Ruben Hein, Benjamin Herman, Stefan Kruger, Jeroen Vierdag, Ernst Glerum, Ruud Jacobs, Hans Teeuwen, Sean Fasciani, Miguel Rodriguez, Rita Reys, Timothy Banchet and Piet Noordijk.
I teach at Codarts Rotterdam and I love Babi Pangang.