Killer Warming Up Exercise

Killer Warming Up Exercise for all drummers

Killer Warming Up Exercise | Alles voor de DJ, Producer en Muzikant!

This is a killer. Play in triplets singles, doubles, paradiddles, triples, double paradiddles, six strokes, R L L and R R L. Make the transitions smooth. Make sure you sit comfortable and relaxed. Breath. Watch your sticks making smooth and consistent strokes. Put your feet relaxed in front of you. NOT UNDER AGAINST YOUR CHAIR!! Make sure you do an effort to get all the strokes at an even velocity. Pull the sound out of your drum. DO NOT PUSH THE SOUND IN THE DRUM!! Etc….

The problem with this exercise comes when you slowly work your way up to 100 BPM. Most drummers start to play the strokes with a feel. Accents are being played and the strokes are very hearable as what they are. try to avoid this. See it as a stick control exercise. All strokes should be even and smooth in character.

A good idea is also to have yourself a mirror to monitor your movements. Make sure the strokes are accurate and the same. For instance in the first line (singles strokes) you have to play full strokes. If you look carefully to your sticks while you are playing it you will probably notice that not all strokes are of even height. When you spot this immediately try to make them equal.